Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joanna Newsom • "81" • 2010

Procure Have One on Me


Campfires and Battlefields said...

I had thought that my dislike for Joanna Newsom was the one thing in this world I could truly rely on, but now this tune has me completely mesmerised. The vocal tics and screeches that set my teeth on edge in her past songs appear to have been replaced (on this song anyway) with a lovely restraint and mellowness. Now I don’t what to believe. The world’s turned upside down. Is the whole thing this good?

Ursell Anning said...

I felt the same way at first. I finally came around to J-Nu when "Emily" first leaked a few years back. From there I was able to give her back catalog another listen and forgive the whole awkward Appalachian twee singing. The occasional weird vocal annoyance still rears its head for me on Milk-Eyed Mender, but I'm basically over it.

Have One on Me isn't out yet, but rest assured—she's become a real vocalist. Years of incessant touring will do that to a person. I think Have One on Me will be more about Joanna sharpening her skills as a vocalist and a songwriter.

Richard James said...

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