Friday, October 14, 2011

Brilliancy Medley

My parents recently became acquainted with a family overseas through This is how I came to know Derek Jenkins, my alleged distant cousin, who has since become my spirit animal. He is an Arkansas native but has spent the past few years in Hamilton, Ontario, where he just picked up a weekly radio show/podcast dubbed "Brilliancy Medley." It is a broadly themed affair of vernacular music and spoken recordings, and I consider it No Words' spiritual kin. I assisted Mr. Jenkins with the website—you can take a gander here. The following tunes were culled from his first broadcast, which aired October 2, 2011.

Jean Ritchie • "Wife of Usher's Well" • Child Ballad #79 • 1961
Stream in Spotify / Procure British Traditional Ballads in the Southern Mountains, Vol. 2

Jacques Labrecque • "À la Claire Fontaine" • 1957
Download / Download Canadian Folk Songs: Centennial Collection

Hambone Willie Newbern • "Way Down in Arkansas" • 1929

Stream in Spotify / Download Songsters & Saints, Vol 1.: Songsters

Brilliancy Medley

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