Monday, August 13, 2012

All No Words Streams Are Down

Crybaby Ursell

If you keep up with No Words, you may have noticed that practically all the previously posted audio streams are down. This is because my MediaFire account was flagged and suspended. I've frankly jumped through hoops to get the account reinstated to no avail. I've filed numerous counterclaims and even messaged MediaFire executives personally. Regrettably, it's time I threw in the towel, and that breaks my Cornish heart.

I feel that I've fought the good fight in terms of responsible music blogging and MP3 sharing, but none of that really matters. The point is that No Words' format will be modernizing slightly. I'll be focusing more on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify streams. I'll still post MP3s on occasion but only when I have 100% clearance to do so.

As for the 100+ previously posted audio streams, I'll eventually get around to replacing as many as possible with Spotify links. This is unideal, of course, but I feel that one of No Words' biggest strengths has been permanent audio on all posts, even those made years ago. So I think it's important to offer audio in some form on these older posts.

I will also aim to re-up all the No Words collections, or at least the ones I have backed up. Most likely I will upload to Sharebeast or a similar service, so they will only be temporary. And once they're gone, they're gone.

That is all for now. Keep safe, my doves.