Saturday, January 24, 2015

Best Folk Songs of 2014

MMXIV: Year of the horse

A deal's a deal!

I didn't expect to make this playlist, but I received so many requests for it that I was ultimately quite happy to put it together. Thank you so much for all the comments and emails you've sent over the past few weeks. I can say that I feel more appreciated than I've ever felt working on this site. To be clear—despite the lite retirement announcement—I have no plans to kill off No Words completely. I will continue to post albeit sporadically much like it has been over the past year or more. So really, not that much is changing. (I mainly made the announcement to absolve myself of any pressure I might feel to post regularly.)

That said—like any other media platform—No Words needs an engaged, vocal audience to justify its being. So please know that emailing, tweeting, commenting, and/or linking to No Words content elsewhere can greatly motivate me to keep this boat on the water.

And in case you didn't know, all No Words mixes are currently available on Mixcloud.



MMXIV: Best Folksongs of 2014 (in no particular order):

1) Myriam Gendron • "Solace" • Feeding Tube
2) Padang Food Tigers • "Crabbing King Sappling" • Scissor Tail
3) Sam Amidon • "Your Lone Journey" • Nonesuch
4) Lisa Knapp • "Fine Horseman" • Second Language
5) Sir Richard Bishop • "Frontier" • Drag City
6) Jessica Pratt • "Back, Baby" • Drag City
7) Julie Byrne • "Young Wife" • Ordinal
8) Robin Allender • "M. Laurelle" • Scissor Tail
9) Luluc • "Small Window" • Sub Pop
10) Nathan Bowles • "Chuckatuck" • Paradise of Bachelors
11) Vashti Bunyan • "Across the Water" • Fat Cat
12) Grouper • "Lighthouse" • Kranky
13) Tiny Ruins • "Jamie Blue" • Flying Nun
14) Angel Olsen • "Enemy" • Jagjaguwar
15) Arch Garrison • "Reprise" • The Household Mark
16) RM Hubbert • "Pb" • Chemikal Underground
17) José González • "Every Age" • Mute
18) Magpahi • "Dissolve" • Bird
19) Alasdair Roberts • "Artless One" • Drag City
20) Emma Tricca • "The Painter" • Bird
21) Marissa Nadler • "Dead City Emily" • Sacred Bones
22) Whatever, Dad • "Wean" • self-released

Reissued Material:
23) Smoke Dawson • "The Minotaur" • Tompkins Square
24) Bruce Langhorne • "Ending" • Scissor Tail
25) Bessie Jones • "That Suits Me" • Tompkins Square
26) Sproatly Smith • "Changes" • Folk Police

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